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    ...the most profoundly erotic and intimate form of massage imaginable.

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    I am a sexy and sensual bodywork artist...

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    ...long, sensuous strokes

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    Your body is my canvas...

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    ...slow, sexy and indulgent.

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    resulting in the most ecstatic experience.

About Me

I'm a sexy and sensual bodywork artist offering thera-erotic-style nude bodywork. I am happy, friendly, intelligent worldly and well educated. Bodywork is my art and I absolutely LOVE it.

As a lifelong student of the sensual arts, I enjoy cultivating relationships with people so that my practice is constantly evolving with me. I am able to connect with others in a unique and intimate way. This connection is what so many people are missing in their daily lives, which are otherwise inundated with technological advances driving us into a state of isolation from one another. This separateness is not how we were meant to live. I am so lucky to be able to share myself and my art with others. I have taken the time to hone my craft and would relish the opportunity to share it with you too!

I have an amazing touch, and a primal energy. My sessions and skills are unrivaled- slow and sensuous from beginning to end. Utilizing a blend of Thai massage, energy work, Tantric principles, and my feminine sensuality I am able to send you into a state of complete euphoria.

I always take great care to ensure your experience is unforgettable. My sessions are perfect for any overworked gentleman, gentlewoman, or sexually adventurous couple!


Check out my reviews on The Erotic Review!


"...felt amazing!"


"...never felt this good..."



What to EXPECT

This highly erotic form of massage is done completely in the nude, allowing our energies to intertwine so that we may achieve the maximum amount of transference between the two of us. Erotic and relaxing, this session is ideal for the workaholic or man-on-the-go in need of a little respite from the world. For a better understanding of my sessions, take a look at my video..

- Rachael

What I can do for you

Same day appointments are exceedingly rare. Advanced booking is strongly suggested.
Major Credit Cards Accepted

Nude Bodywork

This is classic
$300 hour
$450 hour and a half

My version of a sensual massage is erotic and personal. Done entirely in the nude, I utilize body contact to enhance my intuitive touch, while you relax comfortably into bliss. You cannot go wrong with this option, it’s a wonderful introduction that will leave you wanting more.

The Edge

The Art of Edging
$380 hour
$550 hour and a half

Don't you love a good tease? I know that I do.

Forget the world and fall into an erotic trance for an hour, or 2! filled with pleasure and ecstasy on my custom milking table while I take you to the edge and back over, and over, and over…

Think you've experienced a tie and tease before? Not like this. I love watching you squirm, and drip in delirious bliss.


An Intro to Sensual Domination
$550 hour and a half
$750 two hours

For those curious about kink, but don't know where to start, and all seekers of novel experiences.

A unique mix of kink/BDSM and bodywork. It’s a great introduction for those curious about kink and looking to explore, as well as a fantastic alternative to the traditional dominatrix and dungeon. I love assisting others in discovering themselves, and the desires that have either laid dormant or been pushed aside.I employ light bondage and various sensory deprivation techniques to help you relax, remove yourself from the outside world, and concentrate on the energy flowing between us…

*Can include strap play.

Relax into Edging

My Favorite
$500 hour and a half

Don't know what to pick?

I highly recommend you relax into edging with 45 minutes of my classic nude bodywork, followed by 45 minutes of erotic edging. Because deep states of relaxation lead to even deeper states of arousal, this is what my milking table was made for.

It's going to be good

"...the intensity of the finish was something I will remember for a long time!"
...a connection missing from most people's daily lives...
"...she is so beautiful, in so many ways"
"...when she finished, I lay on the massage table, unable to move for many minutes."
" ...she helped me learn things about how i could be pleased that I had never realized. "
"Two of the hottest hours of my life..."
" ...and at the end, my whole body just shattered! I can't remember the last time I felt so totally relaxed afterwards."
" I think what I remember most is staring into her eyes when I finished. OMG!"
"If she was available more often, my life would be so much richer. "
"...and I think I can sum it up by saying, Beautiful, Inteligent, Skilled!"

...your experience will be unforgettable.


can't wait to see you

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Major Credit cards Accepted!

....the satisfaction
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